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Giving Producers Full-Service Support

Nowadays, it seems like there's more work to do and tighter profit margins. Carriers are cutting commissions, and the required fee disclosure for retirement plans is causing companies to negotiate for lower fees. As revenues shrink, the pressure on producers is greater than ever to help clients comply with various laws, administer benefits and shop for suitable products. To be successful, you must partner with an experienced firm that solves these challenges and helps you focus your business in an opportunity-rich niche market.

The Contractors Plan works with hundreds of producers from coast to coast, providing full support through every phase of the process. We work with you to design a complete array of benefit plans that comply with the Davis-Bacon and Service Contract Acts, reduce you and your clients' administrative workload and provide new revenue sources and significant cost savings to everyone.

We arm your producer team with:

  • Comprehensive training, tools and support
  • Customized marketing and prospecting tools and data to show you where the opportunities are in your market
  • Local expert support from our dedicated team of sales and service professionals around the country
  • Flexible and competitive selling agreements
  • Monthly compensation and online access to your commission and account information

We take care of the hard stuff, providing outstanding service to you and your clients.

We help your customers:

  • Stay compliant with government regulations such as the Davis-Bacon Act (federal and state levels), Service Contract Act, local living and responsible wage ordinances, ERISA and the Affordable Care Act
  • Pay the fringe as bona fide benefits to cut payroll tax burden
  • Maximize owner and key employee contributions to retirement accounts
  • Offer quality health, dental, vision and life insurance benefits
  • Stabilize health benefits between jobs or during work stoppages and layoffs
  • Enjoy seamless administration of all benefits programs
  • Mitigate fiduciary and cash flow risks
  • Establish and maintain multiple products and lines of revenue via one single streamlined solution
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